University Collision customer testimonials

You guys did an awesome job on my fender repair. I really appreciated that my car was washed and that the inside was clean too. It was a very nice surprise! You guys really go above and beyond.

Melissa J.

Worked a miracle on my boss’s Audi; it looks amazing!! Job well done guys!


You detailed my messy car and it exceeded my expectations. I don’t think there was a corner or crack that went untouched. Well worth the money. Thanks!

Melissa P.

Thank you so much for a great job on my Honda! I will definitely recommend you guys in the future! Thanks again.

Margeaux Wintz

As one of the first customers of the new owners of University Collision, I was delighted to see the good-as-new fender in place of my white picket fence scrape that was beginning to rust out – absolutely new car factory finish. I continue to smile every time I get into my car. Thank you, Jesse & Marc.

Karen Batroukh

Impressive. You’d never know I smoked a deer at 65 in a Veloster. Super easy to work with and really affordable.

Emmett F.

I am really picky about who works on my rigs, but I could tell right away when I walked in the office for an estimate that Marc and Jesse really know their stuff and really cared about making sure everything was perfect on my truck. I’ll be back for sure!

Jeff Williams

I was so impressed with their customer service. I know very little about cars, and Jesse and Marc took the time to talk me through everything–they are the nicest guys! I will be telling everyone I know about University Collision!

Peggy McDonnell

Wow! These guys do really great work! When I picked up my Tacoma, I wasn’t sure it was the same truck I dropped off–it looked even better than before I wrecked it! I really appreciate that they washed it and cleaned it out; it’s never looked so good.

Leo Millstein