Frequently Asked Questions

What should I do iF I’m in an accident?

Accidents can be unsettling; here’s some helpful tips:

  • Don’t leave! If you drive away, you could be charged with a “hit and run” or “leaving the scene.”
  • Turn off your engine, or–if it’s safe–move your vehicle to the shoulder of the road out of the way of traffic. If you’re injured, or if your car isn’t safe to drive–don’t try to move it.
  • Contact the authorities. Try to assess the scene if anyone else is hurt. Otherwise, wait for the ambulance or police. Call 911 for the ambulance, call 208-882-COPS for the Moscow Police Department dispatch and (509) 334-0802 for Pullman Police.
  • Be calm, be cool, be nice, be truthful.
  • If you can, take photos of the vehicles before you leave the scene, and acquire a copy of the police report–if it’s available.
  • If your vehicle needs to be towed and police are on the scene, the police typically arrange for a tow truck. Talk to the tow truck driver about where your vehicle will be taken–you can request your favorite collision repair shop. If you have broken windows, keep in mind that University Collision has secure indoor storage for all of our customer cars.
  • Give your insurance company a call, and give them the details.
  • Call University Collision of Moscow (208) 882-8535 or Pullman (509)334-5822; we can help you with the rest (insurance claims, estimates, loaner car, and repairs). We work with ALL insurance types, and our work is backed by a written lifetime guarantee.

what should I keep in mind when choosing where to take my car after an accident?

  • Remember, you have the right to go to the collision repair shop of your choice. Your insurance company or the other driver’s insurance cannot require you to go to a particular repair shop.
  • Differences in repair estimates are common. It’s your vehicle, you deserve the highest quality repairs. When getting estimates, be sure to ask lots of questions–the person doing your estimate should take the time to explain everything to you in terms that you can understand.
  • Read the fine print, and consider carefully before you accept the lowest repair estimate–make sure you understand why the prices are different.
  • Moscow, ID & Pullman, WA are college towns. We frequently work with worried parents miles away from their college student to keep Dad and Mom informed. See our Google reviews!
  • Taking care of customers is what sets our shops apart. Our goal is to give you peace of mind. Whether you toss us the keys with your insurance claim number or want to walk through every part of your estimate, that’s what we’re here for.
  • Our shops are designated as a “preferred shop” by many insurance companies. This means we have a proven track record of accurate estimates, quality work, and completing repairs on time.

What if my insurance company says I have to get 3 estimates or I have to go to another shop & meet with their adjuster?

You can tell them NO; you can drop your car off at the shop of your choice to get it repaired, and the adjuster can inspect your car there with the collision repair shop manager. It is your car, and you have the right to get your car fixed where you want. We work for you, not the insurance company.

Can you communicate with my insurance company to work out the details?

Absolutely. We take care of the estimate and notify you when we can start repairing your car. Most times, the insurance company will pay us directly so you don’t have to worry about payment. You will likely have to pay a deductible depending on your insurance. This is something we’re happy to walk you through.

I need my car back ASAP. How can you get me back on the road?

First, we will write your estimate; once it is approved by your insurance company, and you authorize us to begin work, we will set up a time line and let you know when your vehicle will be ready. Depending on the severity of the damage and the availability of parts, it could take days, or weeks. An accurate estimate helps us determine when your vehicle will be ready. If you need to get back on the road before then, we can help you get in touch with our local rental car companies, and in many cases can communicate with your insurance company to handle the payment.

How do I know that I am getting the best service?

We are experts in our field, and we promise to offer the very best customer service. Our technicians also continue their education in the automotive arena, consistently learning about the latest innovations in collision repair. We will take the time to give you all the information you need so you can feel good about making an informed decision to repair your vehicle. We use the latest technology–the CCC ONE Total Repair Platform–to assist us in getting everything right. All of our work is backed by a written lifetime guarantee. If it isn’t right, we’ll make it right–free of charge–to bring you peace of mind and peace of wallet.


Nope. We provide free estimates as a courtesy to our customers!

Are the repairs guaranteed?

They sure are! All of our work is backed by a written lifetime guarantee for as long as you own that vehicle.


Estimates are written during business hours: Monday-Friday 8am to 5pm. While an appointment is not required, it is a good idea to check ahead. Call University Collision of Moscow: (208) 882-8535 or University Collision of Pullman: (509) 334-5822.
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